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Our spreaders are constructed of heavy gauge stainless steel to provide long lasting performance in corrosive environments. Each unit features two impellers driven by either an electric or hydraulic motor. The upper impeller agitates the material while the lower impeller delivers an accurate amount of material to the bottom gate. Intuitive controls adjust the spreader’s gate opening and speed of the motor, allowing operators to make fine-tuned adjustments for uniform material dispersal.


The right tool for the job

If you’re responsible for keeping sidewalks safe and ice-free, and also maintaining the lawns adjacent to those sidewalks, then these spreaders are the solution you’ve been hoping for.

Durable stainless steel construction ensures years of dependable operation.


Wasted materials are a costly expense. These spreaders get the job done by dropping the right amount of material, in the right place – without the waste.

Customers have reported cutting back their material usage by up to 50% after switching to our drop spreaders.

Work smarter, not harder

Misplaced deicing salts can cause significant damage to your turf, requiring additional Spring clean-up efforts or even expensive sod and soil replacements.

Our products drop only as much material as you want, where you want it, reducing cleanup time in the Spring.

The green choice

If water quality is an issue in your area, these spreaders will reduce the amount of deicing materials and keep them off the lawn where material can leach into groundwater or runoff into waterways.

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